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Discover the delights of aromatherapy with Panchali Bodycare. Whether you’re looking for skincare, bath or body treats, our aromatherapists can introduce you to the benefits of essential oils. Aromatherapy can treat both mind and body and can be used to relax, revive and invigorate. Used as an alternative medicine or as a complementary therapy, ancient civilisations have harnessed the power of plants and plant extracts for thousands of years, and now it's come to your local area. To find out more and to see how aromatherapy can benefit you, contact us today through our booking form

Aromatherapy Consultation

We offer all our clients the opportunity to have a comprehensive consultation where they get a chance to talk through any concerns or special needs they have, all in the presence of a fully trained member of staff. We will then draw upon our extensive knowledge of aromatherapy to develop a treatment plan that is fully tailored to your individual needs.

Harness the power of plants

Our friendly and knowledgeable therapists will advise the best treatment for your needs. Using their extensive insight into essential oils and massaging techniques, our staff will design a treatment just for you – whether you’re looking for something to sooth or reinvigorate tired muscles. We can offer advice on how to use aromatherapy at home and how you can embrace techniques to help cope with day to day stresses.


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